Part 1

In this multi series episode of Live Like An Acrobat host Shenea Stiletto will bring you powerful stories of black acrobaticgymnasts in an effort to convey to listeners that their experiences of racism, bias, and inequality within acrobaticgymnastics matter. Each special guest, which this first part episode will include Brandon Cephas, Cameron Jones and Jordan Jones, intends to effectuate fundamental change within Acrobaticgymnastics and USA Gymnastics as a whole by sharing their experiences and advocating for radical reform within the organization when it comes to racial injustice.

Please consider purchasing @bcgutsoverfear poetry book A Time For Change: Thoughts of A Simple Black Man offering insights into the #BlackLivesMatterMovement available now on Amazon:

** All proceeds are being donated to the NAACP

I had a lot of hair that I had to get cut because it didn’t fit the criteria of what acrobats should have, and I was a little bothered by that, I understand presentable, but to be your hair can be in a lot of different ways besides just a crew cut hair cut. That was one of the things that actually meant a lot while competing in the sport. 

It was like these are the rules and if you want to do the sport you have to follow these rules. So I did what I was told, because I loved the sport more than trying to have a cultural change at that time. Looking back I probably would have done things differently. 

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